In the beginning was an idea

On September 1st, 1946 the Master machine builder Ludwig Boschert founded our company. Very soon the small company was known for its good quality workmanship and it grew quickly. Shortly thereafter the young company was taken over by the Kunz family. Since then, contacts and friendships have been built up all over the world. As a result, our plant has grown constantly, changing from a small workshop to a large industrial production facility.
Boschert punching machines and notchers are known in sheet metal shops worldwide as machines that are built to last. In the field of safety chucks, as well, we have proven our forward-thinking ways with the many international patents we have been awarded for innovative new products. Boschert is a company with a bright future. By staying true to our heritage of innovative products we will continue the success of our past. As satisfied customers have been our incentive in the past, they remain our responsibility for the future. In todays globally competitive environment, we are combining the latest technologies with our highly skilled team of employees. By blending old world craftsmanship with new world technology we are able to develop and manufacture innovative and affordable products of the highest quality in our German plant.
With a firm understanding of what Made in Germany has historically meant, we are continually striving to deliver what our customers expect when they purchase our products that are Made in Germany.

Über uns...Über uns...



Through constant further development and introduction of new ideas and experiences, the company Boschert also has in the area of the safety chucks set standards. In Safety chucks, punching- and notching-machines area Boschert holds more then 50 company-owned patents.

The product range is rounded off by a wide range of clutches and brakes.


Durch die Entwicklung der Boschert Automatiklager und der Boschert Rotationsstanzmaschine gelang es in der Vergangenheit ein weiteres Mal, den neusten Stand der Technik im Bereich der Wickel- und Stanztechnik festzuschreiben.

Um den Wettbewerbern aus den Niedriglohnländern auch in Zukunft die Stirn bieten zu können, wurde und wird die Fertigung mehr und mehr modernisiert. Bei diesen Maßnahmen wurde selbstverständlich darauf geachtet, dass die Nähe zu den Kunden noch stärker gepflegt und unsere Mitarbeiter noch gezielter geschult werden. Nur so können gemeinsame Ziele erfasst und verfolgt werden.


Immer mehr gilt es, die betrieblichen mit den gesamtwirtschaftlichen Zielen abzuwägen. Oberstes Ziel des Unternehmens ist es, die Arbeitsplätze zu erhalten und auch in Zukunft Produkte zu liefern, die „Made in Germany“ sind und dieses Prädikat auch verdienen. Boschert - ein Unternehmen mit Zukunft – wird an seinen Unternehmensgrundsätzen festhalten, innovative und qualitätsorientierte Produkte auf den Markt zu bringen. Zufriedene Kunden und sichere Arbeitsplätze waren die Beweise in der Vergangenheit und werden Ansporn und Verpflichtung für die Zukunft sein.

Who we are

Mitarbeiter bei Auslieferung der 1000. Eccoline

We are a small team. Titles and positions are of secondary importance for us.

Team spirit is lived every day. We pull together in the same direction.

Together we have overcome any economic crisis.

Lean production and lean management have been introduced to us before. We have always done it!

Designed and made ​​in the Black Forest is with us 100 percent!

We produce in Germany and earn money too!

We have no perfect marketing, but great products and a good advice for our customers.

Our success is confidence in our people and not their control.

Quality is the pride of every employee and not just a corporate goal.

A machine which is supplied to the customer is at first a machine from Andy, Bernhard Steffen, etc., and only secondarily one from Boschert.

Problems with a machine our mechanics take personally


A machine is only as good as its weakest part. For this reason, we choose the parts first by the quality and then by the price.


We build machines they allow our customers to earn money. This is our top priority.

Customers are our friends and partners

Each employee is responsible for the future of Boschert.

We have employees in the second generation.


Management positions are not occupied by education but by character.