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3 in 1 – For the flexible machining of copper

With its three stations for punching, bending and cutting, BOSCHERT's CU-FLEX compact copper machining center permits the end-to-end machining of copper as well as many other operations.

Lörrach-Hauingen, Germany – The mechanical machining of copper and other materials using cutting, punching and forming tools demands special expertise. In particular, the machining of copper rails, for example for equipping electrical systems and switching cabinets, constantly represents a considerable challenge for manufacturers and suppliers. To allow it to offer these customers a high-performance, top-quality solution, the specialist for end-to-end sheet metal machining BOSCHERT long ago developed its CU-PROFI series of machines for the flexible handling of copper and aluminum rails. These machines are in use for an enormous range of applications worldwide. They excel thanks to their outstanding precision, their compact and exceptionally robust construction, long service life and ease of use.

Based on this experience and the wishes of its international customer base, the company has now developed the new CU-FLEX copper machining center – a machine equipped with three individual stations: Cutting, Bending and Punching. These permit the end-to-end machining of copper parts in a single working process. The three stations are arranged one after the other and are selected by the control unit as required by the current machining program. The required station moves into the press unit. This has a press and punching force of 40 tonnes. It makes it possible to cut, punch and bend copper and aluminum materials of a thickness of up to 15 millimeters. The copper, aluminum and even steel rails can be up to 200 millimeters in width. Accordingly, the maximum cutting dimensions and bending widths are also 15 x 200 millimeters. The maximum bending height is 190 millimeters and the maximum diameter that can be punched is 31.7 millimeters.

The machine is equipped with an automatic stop and permits the automatic punching and bending of copper, aluminum and steel rails of up to a length of 1,000 millimeters (Y stop depth) followed by cutting to the precise length required. As a result, staffing levels are low and users obtain fully machined parts ready for installation. The CNC-controlled back stop is moved and positioned at a speed of ten meters per minute and the linear station carrier at a speed of six meters per minute. The stroke speed is ten millimeters per second, thus ensuring dynamic punching, bending and cutting operations. The hydraulically, pneumatically and electromechanically driven functions of the CU-FLEX are programmed and controlled via the specially adapted Cybelec CybTouch 12 CNC controller. The control concept covers all the machine's functional and operating cycles and also makes it possible to determine the straight length thanks to the graphical input of the dimensions and data, for example for copper, aluminum and steel rails.

Thanks to the CU-FLEX's integrated stations, it is no longer necessary to procure, install and operate three separate machines. The machine is fully equipped with high-performance special tools that ensure that the finished components are perfectly cut and free from burr. Other features include the exceptionally long service life of the tools, the fact that it is no longer necessary to adjust the cutting gap, and the high repeat accuracy (+/- 0.02 millimeters for the bending stroke) of bending and forming operations. What is more, the CU-Flex excels through its compact design (L x W x H = 2,300 millimeters x 2,600 millimeters x 2,000 millimeters), its lightweight construction of only 3,200 kilograms for easy machine transportation, and its ready-for-use equipment, including tools. Another advantage of the new copper machining center lies in its low-maintenance design.


 Totale   BOSCHERT's new CU-FLEX copper machining center with press unit (middle) and the punching, bending and cutting workstations that are able to travel both left and right.
 Werkzeugtrager   Diagrammatic depiction of the three linearly arranged workstations.
 17 07 06 BOSCHERT Kupfer Bearbeitungszentrum CU FLEX Bild 3   A copper workpiece machined using the CU-FLEX.

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