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Introducing BOSCHERT: The expert for sheet-metal working and winding technology

Lörrach-Hauingen, Germany – BOSCHERT was founded in 1946 by Ludwig Boschert. In 1973, the company started to manufacture notching machines. The company remained in the hands of the Boschert family until 1976 when it was taken over by Udo Kunz who started to develop and expand the range of sheet-metal working machines, with the result that the first BOSCHERT punching machine was launched on the market in 1978. In 1989, Udo handed over management of the company to his son Peter Kunz. This was the start of an unrivaled success story that is still continuing today. A whole series of new machines were developed: In 1991, the first CNC punching machine with clamping jaws; in 1998, the first punching machine with rotation; in 2001, the first copper punching machine; and in 2002, the first BOSCHERT punching machine with the Revotool rotation index.

Thanks to the proven performance, high quality and long service life, customers started demanding even more sheet-metal working technology "Made by BOSCHERT", prompting the company to start constructing small-scale press brakes in 2002. A short while later, in 2004, the company started its collaboration with the Greek manufacturer of press brakes and metal shears Gizelis. BOSCHERT now has a holding in Gizelis, which concentrates on the development and construction of CNC press brakes and metal shears together with the associated automation solutions. A further milestone came in 2005 with the development of the Combicut series of punching machines which feature a punching head and a plasma cutting head mounted in parallel with it. For the very first time, this permitted the full plasma cutting and punching of metal sheets of very different grades and thicknesses in a single pass. Always in step with technological developments, the company then presented the first BOSCHERT CNC punching machine with fully automatic "Multipunch" tool change system in 2008.

At the forefront of the trend toward the electrification of press force drives, BOSCHERT presented the first "Quick Bend" electro-hydraulic press brake as early as 2013. Compared with hydraulic presses, this was characterized by considerably enhanced upward/downward travel dynamics as well as a notable reduction in unproductive idle times. The first CombiLaser combined punching/laser machine was presented one year later and this was followed, in 2016, by the fiber laser. As a result, BOSCHERT, a German manufacturer of combined punching/plasma/laser machines, has a portfolio comprising all the relevant parting and cutting technologies and is able to offer its customers solutions that meet their needs.

After acquiring a further holding in 2016, this time in the French company AMB Picot, a specialist in the field of roll bending and roll bending machines based on the three-roll principle, BOSCHERT has been able to further extend its range of products and services and now offers a complete portfolio of sheet metal working machines for parting, cutting, punching, folding, bending and forming, together with the associated training and service activities. The range of machines currently developed and manufactured by BOSCHERT consists of manual as well as CNC-controlled punching machines, combined punching/plasma/fiber laser machines, copper working machines and centers and small and mid-sized press brakes and notching machines. In addition to this, BOSCHERT builds special machines to meet specific customer requirements. It also offers international retrofitting, support and service activities. At the national level, BOSCHERT machines are distributed by ten qualified sales partners that are supported by the company's in-house and field services. Internationally, BOSCHERT is able to call on the expertise of more than 40 sales and service partners. The products and services of the firms Gizelis and Picot, in both of which the company has a holding, are also marketed and supported by BOSCHERT's international sales and service organization.

Ludwig BOSCHERT GmbH & Co. KG now employs 110 members of staff. These have a production and assembly area of some 8,000 square meters at their disposal. In addition, there are a further 700 square meters of office space as well as a presentation and demonstration center. The workforce is exceptionally loyal to the company and most of the staff have been qualified in the company's in-house training department. Every year, two to three apprentices complete their industrial training and BOSCHERT also supports its employees during their further education and training, for example by guaranteeing to keep their jobs open for them. More than half of the workforce obtained their qualifications with the company and therefore possess the corresponding specific product know-how and expertise in the field of manufacturing technology. This, together with the high level of manufacturing expertise and the company's loyalty to its base in the Black Forest, are some of the main reasons why BOSCHERT sheet metal working machines have been so successful in the global market.



 DSC06706   From left to right: Managing Director Manuel Lang and Managing Partner Peter Kunz.

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