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BIEHM 2016


That was BIEHM 2016 in Bilbao, we would like to thank all visitors.

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  • IMG_0889
  • IMG_0892

Lamiera 2016


That was Lamiera 2016 in Bologna (Italy), we would like to thank all visitors.

  • Bologna_1
  • Bologna_2

Batimatek 2016


That was Batimatekin Algier, we would like to thank all visitors.

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Metal & Steel in Riyadh


That was Metal & Steel in Riyadh, we would like to thank all visitors.

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Exhibition Sharjah 2016

Pictures form exhibition in Sharjah 2016
  • IMG_6534
  • IMG_6535
  • IMG_6537

Tolexpo Paris 2015


Tolexpo Paris was the last exhibition of the season 2015.
Boschert says Thank you to all visitors and customers for the interesting negotiations and projects.

Avec Tolexpo à Paris la saison 2015 des expositions et fini.
Boschert dit merci a toutes les visiteurs et clients pour les intéressants entretiens et projets.

  • Boschert Paris 2
  • Boschert Paris 3
  • Boschert Paris 4

Fabtech Chicago 2015


That was Fabtech 2015, we would like to thank all visitors.

  • IMG_6579
  • IMG_6581
  • IMG_6582

Metall Nordwestschweiz

Boschert supports the association "Metall Nordwestschweiz" with a notcher LB 12/4 on the this year careers exhibition.
  • IMG_0309
  • IMG_0310
  • IMG_0311

Open house BTMO

Pictures from open house at BTMO in France.
  • BTMO_2015_1
  • BTMO_2015_2
  • BTMO_2015_3
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