The Notching Legend

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The LB 12/PN model permits notching with a fixed angle of 90°.
It guarantees clean cuts in all sheet metal thicknesses and high repetitive accuracy of the notches. It is also ideally surted for cuts on one side. Because of the special design of LB 12/PN the blades achieve an extraordinarily high life even when notching a special steel.

Further characteristics of the LB 12/PN:

- Automatic cutting gap adjustment
- Maintenance free lubrication system
- Integrated overload protection
- Extremely quiet

Except steel and stainless steel, the notching machines of Boschert cut also plastic and grid material:

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Technical Data

  LB12/4 LB12/6
Cutting capacity 4mm mild steel
3mm stainless
6mm mild steel
4mm stainless
Length of cut 225 x 225 mm 225 x 225 mm
Power suply 5 KVA 5 KVA
Length 1250 mm 1250 mm
Width 900 mm 900 mm
Height 1100 mm 1100 mm
Width of table 900 mm 900 mm
Length of table 620 mm 620 mm
Height of table 900 mm 900 mm
Weight 660 kg 700 kg



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