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The LB 13 Standard is the basic model of its line and permits notching with a fixed angle of 90°.

lt guarantees clean cuts in all sheet metal thicknesses and high repetitive accuracy of the notchings. lt is also ideally suited for cuts on one side.
Because of the special design of the LB 13 the blades achieve an extraordi-narily high life even when notching special steel.

Further characteristics of the LB 13 line:

  • Automatic cutting gap adjustment
  • Maintenance-free lubrication system
  • Integrated overload protection
  • Extremely soft (whispering machine)

The generously designed working table offers an ideal support for small and also larger sheet metal parts. Double T-slots worked into the table and diverse scales facilitate the use of very different stop systems, e.g. front crossfeed stop systems, mini stops.

The standard equipment contains:
A device for notching amplifications of more than 225 mm, freely moveable foot pedal for triggering the stroke, as well as two holding-down clamps for sheet metal and the plexiglass guard for notching with a good overall view.

The LB 13 machine is also supplied with a digital stop system.

Except steel and stainless steel, the notching machines of Boschert cut also plastic and grid material:

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