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Special solutions for our customers

  • Sonderausklinkmaschine_Kupfer1
  • Sonderausklinkmaschine_Kupfer2
  LB 15/2000 notching machine to cut 12,7 mm thick copper

  • Tischausklinkmaschine1
  • Tischausklinkmaschine2
  Pneumatc tablenotching machine for sink and shelf

  • Sonderausklinkmaschine_Radien1
  • Sonderausklinkmaschine_Radien2
  Notching machine for radial notchings.

  • Sonderausklinkmaschine_Spuehlbecken2
  • Sonderausklinkmaschine_Spuelbecken1
  Notching machine for sink.

  • profilklinken
 A special solution for punching and notching profiles offers the company Boschert with the machine LB 13 KS special. This machine shows as customerorients boschert works, if you need special solutions to manufacture your products, please contact us.


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