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Since 1978, Boschert has been producing punching machines at its headquarter in Lörrach, in the southern Black Forest. Initially, it was only manual punching machines, most of which still fulfill their duty today. This has evolved so that today we offer highly complex machines with automatic tool changes and also combination machines for punching with either plasma or fiber lasers.

From single-piece production to large series, Boschert offers a selection of different punching machines for your sheet metal processing.

Stanzen Stanzmaschine EL 500 Stanzen Stanzmaschine MiniPress 2 150 Stanzmaschine Compact  
EccoLine MiniPress  CompactEVO  
Stanzen: Stanzmaschine Twin Stanzen: Stanzmaschine tri Stanzen: Stanzmaschine Combicut  
TWIN TRI CombiCut  
Stanzen: Stanzmaschine Combicut Stanzen: Stanzmaschine Multipunch Stanzmaschine multipunch 4020   
 CombiLaser Multipunch 4020  
Stanzen: Stanzmaschine Kupfer Profi Kupfer stanzen: Stanzmaschine CUWK2 Stanzen: Sonderstanzmaschinen  
CU Profi CU WK II Special machines  




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