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150 A Lager


Automatic Chuck A40/A50/A80
After lots of fruitfull conversations with the users of our chucks, our engineers developped a completely new generation of automical chucks

Our neu A-Chuck equips you for requirements of the future, in many ways.
Our new development provides utmost work security for your staff, even in case of operating errors. This safety aspect doesn't reduce handling and reliability of the chuck.

Features A-Chuck:
- pneumatic opening and closing of the chuck
- foot mounted or flange mounted chuck
- quick replacement of the VT wearing part
- available with proximity sensors (chuck open, closed, loading position)
- integrated axial and lateral alignment shaft guide


Advantages of A-Chuck:
- convenient handling
- with proximity sensors for full automation
- rotation lock when opened
- mecanical locking to avoid unintentional opening
- Plug & Play Solution for full automation and replacement of manual chucks

VT2 45 VT2 square bar 45° turned

Technical specifications::

 Type max.beam weight (kg) max. torque (Nm)

size of wearing parts (mm)

 A40  1600  350  40
 A50  2800  1100  50
 A80  7000  2350  80



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Version 12/2018
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