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150 P Lager

Use :
The P-chuck is an automatic chuck that can be closed or opened with compressed air

Features of P-Chuck:
- pneumatic opening and closing of the chuck
- foot mounted or flange mounted chuck
- quick replacement of the VT wearing part
- available with proximity sensors (chuck opened, closed, loading position)

Advantages of P-Chucks:
- convenient handling
- with proximity sensors for full automation
- rotation lock when opened
- mecanical locking to avoid unintentional opening


VT7 quadrat VT2 square bar 45° turned
VT7 quadrat VT7 square / round

Technical specifications:

 Type max.beam weight (kg) max. torque (Nm)

size of wearing parts (mm)

P40  1600  350  40
P50  2800  1100  50

Special design:

VT6 dreieck VT6 - triangular seat

In case of smaller square and triangular dimensions, using data have to be reduced !


Reduction P-chucks with smaller square dimensions

    P40  P50

max.beam weight (kg)

max. torque (Nm)

max.beam weight (kg) max. torque (Nm)
30mm  1200  250    
35mm +VT6  1400  280    
40mm      2000  700
45mm + VT6      2400  900



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