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  This chuck can be adjusted in axial direction. So it is possible to move the roll to the left or to the right. It is also possible to balance length tolerances of the winding shaft with a sliding chuck. Regarding VT-parts, foot- or flange mounted model and options, there are no differences between Boschert chucks and Boschert sliding chucks.

Features of the sliding chuck
- foot mounted or flange mounted chuck
- chromed handweel
- rubber finger guard
- quick replacement of the VT wearing parts
- axial adjustment 50 mm and 100 mm
- also available with motorized adjustment
- axial locking on the wearing parts

Advantages of the sliding Chuck:
- axial adjustment of the roll shaft
- axial balance of the winding shaft length tolerance



Technical specifications - Sliding chuck

Type max.beam weight (kg) max. torque (Nm) size of wearing parts (mm)
22-30 800 180 22 - 30
30-40 1400 350 30 - 40
40-50 2800 1100 40 - 50

The chuck is available with manual or motorized adjustment

50 mm sliding way(+- 25 mm) 100 mm sliding way (+- 50 mm)
22-30 30-40 40-50 22-30 30-40 40-50

Options : with axial fixed drive, with motorized adjustment, for motorized adjustment


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