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Flexible machining centre for bars with 3 stations

Station I        punching of bars
Station II       cutting of bars
Station III      bending of bars

incl.    - graphic Cybelec CybTouch 12 control system, adapted to the CU Flex
- CNC-controlled back gauge
- maximum dimensions of machining material 200 x 15 mm in copper
- 40-tons hydraulic cylinder
- CNC-controlled stroke length limiter
- pneumatically moveable station carrier
- manually adjustable front gauge via digital display in X-axis
- hydraulic unit integrated in machine
- Amada punching tool

All the necessary tasks for one bar can be performed on a CU Flex, quickly, easily and cost-effectively. The machine features three stations, which can be used for punching, cutting or bending. The control system of the CU Flex has been specially adapted for working with rails. Together with the company Cybelec, we have created a control system that not only controls all the work cycles of the machine, but can also determine the straight length of the bars via the graphical input of the bar into the system.

Now the material can be cut to length. To do this, the cutting station is selected via the control system, and the station carrier brings the station into its working position. The length to be cut off is now specified and the material placed on the angle gauge. The material is cut by actuating the foot pedal.

After this process, the punching station is selected in the control system and the station carrier brings the punching unit into the corresponding working position. The X-coordinates of the punch are set manually using the digital angle gauge. The Y-coordinates are entered via the control system, and the back gauge is automatically moved to the next position accordingly after each punch.

Next, the bending station is selected and proceeds into its working position to bend the rails. The Y-positions and the necessary bending angle are now specified on the control system. When actuating the foot switch, the stop gauge moves into the Y-position and the bending process is initiated. After that, the stop gauge moves into the following Y-position, and by re-pressing the foot switch, the next bending process is initiated.



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